Grow Set-up Packages


R 1000 +

The Custom focuses on builds and outdoor designs as well as allows you to create a more personalized package.


R 8200 - R 12000

The Seeder is the starter pack for growers of all experience levels, but is aimed towards the  new growers market.


R 14500 - R 39200

The Bloomer is the intermediate package, requiring a certain level of learning, understanding and previous experience.


R 55200 +

The Harvester package is the most experience oriented system, requiring a full understanding of growing to operate successfully. 

Our Philosophy

Comprehensive cannabis consulting

JCC is a collection of young, enthusiastic South Africans, looking to break ground in the personal use marijuana industry. As a new and budding - excuse the pun - industry in Africa, we aim to educate the public and ensure that anyone who is interested can successfully grow their own crop for personal use.

As a group of enthusiastic individuals advocating for the right to use marijuana freely, and in line with the court ruling relating to personal use marijuana, we use our years of knowledge to design, develop, install and maintain grow systems for our clients.

Our products and services do not include the sale of marijuana, but rather arm you with the knowledge and equipment you need to successfully grow your own high quality crop for personal use at home. As facilitators we have gathered a network of brands and individuals to ensure we can provide our clients with the lowest possible rates, focusing on brand growth and client services rather than blatant return on business. Profit is not the main focus when you want to spread the love of growing.

Having years of collective knowledge, our team encompasses members who have grown, cultivated and studied, not only marijuana grow system, but all types of plant and produce. From hydroponic to soil grown, indoor designs to the fresh outdoor setup, Joint Cannabis Consultants can get you growing in time for season.

While marijuana is our main focus, seeking to advance the potential medical and commercial industries, our services extend to home garden systems and large scale farming.

About Nioh Studio
  • Dynamic expertise. Diverse experience.

  • Comprehensive consulting on cannabis cultivation

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