Our Philosophy

Comprehensive cannabis consulting

The Joint Cannabis Consultants offer you a direct connection to the world of private use marijuana in Cape Town. Whether a grower, smoker or enthusiast, we can ensure that you have what you need to cultivate your cannabis dreams.

As a group of young enthusiasts from Cape Town, with years of high quality growing and activism behind us, our mission as a company is to spread the wealth that we see in marijuana. Arming everyone we can with the knowledge and understanding around this plant, we hope to have a positive impact on our community and world at large.


Whether looking for stylish branded clothing with marijuana themed designs, or wanting to set up your own grow at home, JCC can help.

Our products & services include:

  • Grow Consultations
  • Grow Installations
  • High Quality Clothing & Accessories
  • CBD Creams & Oils

Disclaimer: We do not sell or condone the sale of illegal products. Everything we offer falls within the legal limitations put forward but the South African Government.

About Nioh Studio

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