Joint Cannabis Consultants is a vibrant collective of enthusiasts, looking to break ground in a new industry brimming with potential. Facilitating the growing of development in personal use marijuana. We focus on designing, developing, installing and maintaining all grow systems.

With a focus on the fresh, personal use marijuana industry, this is where the bulk of our knowledge and enthusiasm lies. We do, however, cater a wider range of needs, including hydroponic systems and home garden designs.

With years of experience growing these plants in specialised conditions, the team encompasses a number of vibrant individuals, both smokers and non-smokers, who can see the endless benefits in this plant. Advocating for the free medical and personal use of marijuana in South Africa, we hope to separate the plant itself from the negative stigma that surrounds it.






    Introducing the JCC Founders


    Preferred growing type:
    No-till outdoor giants

    Preferred smoking method:

    As a grower for over seven years, and as an activist for the last three years, I have spent time actively planting my seed within the greater marijuana community, learning, networking and understanding all that this plant has to offer.

    With permaculture as my focus, I am delving into why this plant is a wonderland of opportunity for South Africa. We aim to break the stigma that has been uprooting the future of this plant for so long. As a resource long overlooked, marijuana offers a new frontier in social and economic development. Not just for smokers, the everyday applications of this plant, from clothes to building materials and even protein shakes, far outweighs any unfounded negatives that the stigma brings with it. We hope to grow our nation.


    Preferred growing type:

    Preferred smoking method:
    A good old-fashioned, well rolled joint

    With experience in permaculture and a good few years of growing cannabis behind me, I feel there is a more intimate connection between yourself and the plant when you can nurture and cultivate it yourself. You understand its design and can truly appreciate just how spectacular this plant is.

    I find it eases the mind and connects you, allows for much needed perspective - a focus rather than an escape. The importance of education around cannabis in South Africa is, in my opinion, due to the insane rate at which we could solve social issues that our country is faced with today. From an entire industries worth of jobs, to revitalised interest into some alternative industries, there are so many ways to use this plant, it would be silly to not at least use a few for our benefit.


    Preferred growing type:
    Indoor (extracts) & Outdoor (enjoyment)

    Preferred smoking method:
    Joint or Dab

    This is a way for me to follow my passions to their full potential. Not only to create a career out of something I find truly amazing, but also to actively advocate for the legalisation of this awesome plant. JCC gives us, as enthusiasts and activists, a platform through which we can trade knowledge and experiences with our community. Whether medicinal or recreational, we can work together to lift the stigma surrounding this precious plant.

    Cannabis has massive potential in our country, which is why it’s important to educate those around us about this plant, so those who need it can get their best medicine. Medicinally it is already proving its weight overseas.Through legalisation we can ensure a cleaner product for all, as well as a boost in jobs, the economy and the tourist trade we often times rely on.

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