Who are the
Joint Cannabis Consultants?

The Joint Cannabis Consultants is a brand taking on the personal use marijuana industry in South Africa. As a collective of growers, activists and enthusiasts, we have come together to ensure that under the new legislation, every person who needs cannabis can successfully cultivate their own - from seed to flower.

Boasting years of collective knowledge and experience in a range of growing situations, the team at JCC have made it their dream to not only teach South Africa how to grow at home, but also to design customised systems to put their knowledge to work. Tailoring services to the client’s needs, it is the hopes of the JCC that our years of networking and education can help you get the best grow possible. Learning to grow marijuana can be tricky, but with experience on your side the JCC can guide you through the process, making sure that every harvest is successful.

As a young group of local Captonians, the JCC have seen the potential for not only the personal use industry, but a greater commercial industry in years to come. Being a collective activists, the JCC believe it is a human right to grow and, if you so choose to, partake in this wonderful natural resource. Whether you look at it from a medical, recreational or commercial point of view, this is an unharnessed resource that could define the future of our country. Now while that may seem like a sweeping statement to make about a plant, this is not your garden variety daisy. With more real world uses than most could conceive, including clothing, building materials and medicine, as well as the perfect route to job creation across the country, marijuana could be the way forward for a nation in need of some chill time.

Driven by a collective passion for the plant, the JCC hopes to play a key role in shining the spotlight on variety of responsible, personal cannabis uses.

Seen by many as a good reason to get stoned, marijuana is a resource that is not without its stigmas. However, we aim to bring more attention to medical focus and developments, hopefully educating our country on how this is not just a phase, it is a life changing medicine that is growing abundantly, right in front of us.

What we believe to be a wasted opportunity in South Africa, our climate range is ideal for a multitude of marijuana strains. Given our usable land, the rate of growth as well as the output of both hemp and cannabis, this could be a driving force in both our economy as well as the collective healing of our country.

To some this is just a bit of fun, to others a way to rebel. To us at the JCC this is a way of life, a blessing that affords you both perspective and healing properties. Each person behind the brand has directly been influenced, and in turn greatly helped, by this down-trodden plant. With the law now on our side, we hope to grow our nation, one build at a time.

The Joint Cannabis Consultants are experienced in growing indoor and outdoor growing, cloning, extracting and a number of other cannabis cultivation techniques. Our team can ensure that your grow is at its best throughout the year. Whether a single plant setup, or a full sized cloning and mother system for a larger grow, we have the expertise to get it designed, built and maintained, just the way you want it.

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