Our service at JCC are wide ranging, all suited to getting you up and growing when the season hits. Whether wanting to learn from the ground up, just fix an existing grow, upgrade your grow or find out a bit more on the range of systems available, our grow specialists can ensure you have what you need to support your personal use marijuana needs.
From once-off needs to continuous, regular services, designs, planning, advice and upgrades, JCC is your gateway to a good grow. 

Ongoing & Service Maintenance

With both ongoing and service options available for maintenance, Joint Cannabis Consultants makes sure that our clients are taken care of. With maintenance options that give you the time you need, we can make it a regular visit to test and carry out upkeep tasks on your system, even grow your crop for you in your home. Otherwise, we can come only when you think it is needed most.

Ongoing maintenance would ensure minimal effort on your part, ideal for those with a busy work life. In this case we will visit on a regular basis to ensure that your plants are healthy and your system is working properly. Alternatively we can carry out service maintenance which allows you to contact us as you need it, arranging a visit to carry out the needed tasks at your convenience.

Trimming Services

As anyone who has experience with a sizable home grow may tell you, the hardest work is often not the growing. With the influx of private growers in South Africa, there is a need for reliable, responsible trimmers on hand.

As a collective of cannabis enthusiasts, we can ensure that the people who trim your bud know how to treat it right. As members of the JCC themselves, a small team of trimmers ensure not only anonymity but also professionalism on site. From moving and handling on site, to trimming both on and off the plant, we can get it done effectively, efficiently and with the most care to your bud.


Consultations on offer ensures that we can help our clients in whatever way they may need it. As a large part of what we have to offer is our collective knowledge, we give you direct access to our team of growers. Whether needing a home visit for some much needed advice, or some guidance when testing new build ideas, we can ensure your grow is fully optimised.

Whether needing the whole grow team, or a single member, we can ensure you get the help you need. With specialists in indoor and outdoor grows, small, compact designs as well as larger builds, we can make sure you get the right person for the job.


Our design services vary, according to the needs of specific clients. Usually the design services fall under packages, however for those that do not wish to sign up for a full package, we can offer individual services.

This may include designing a full system on paper, to completing sourcing and pricing for your specific situation. As your connection to the world of personal growing, we can ensure that you have a working system from seed to harvest with the best equipment options for your needs. Not only focused on marijuana, we are growing enthusiasts with a strong connection to permaculture and organic, sustainable growing practices - this means we can ensure that your outdoor grow enters your garden without issue, as well as assist you with your current garden design and help it flourish.

Giving you the tools you need to legally and expertly grow your own marijuana in South Africa, contact Joint Cannabis Consultants to get your grow going.

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